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Saturdays @ Kiveton Park and Wales Village Hall

Our classes are one hour long and a block of four classes is £20.50 (this varies depending on amount of weeks in the month). When working towards a show we often have private classes running concurrently, or at 1:00pm.

We generally group by age, but we take ability into consideration too.

Timetable: Schedule


Droplets (3+)

This class is for three to five year olds who are taking their first steps towards dancing! The class is full of fun creative movement, to well known songs and nursery rhymes, and starts looking at the basics of good dance technique in a fun way.

10:00am (Studio)

Puddles (5-7)

This is our fun filled and energetic class aimed at 5-7 year olds (around KS1). We start to introduce basic dance technique, such as feet positions, posture and style-specific dance moves.

10:00 (Main Hall)

NEW Streams (7-9)

This is where our children begin to really advance in their dancing! We start working on contemporary technique, jazz technique and more difficult group work.

11:00 AM

Rivers (9+)

This is our class for 9 + year olds (around KS2). Still an emphasis on fun friendships and fitness, the technique starts to focus in on contemporary, jazz, and street specific moves. We work towards strength (strong body = strong dancer!) through conditioning and improved coordination through partner work and group work.

12:00 PM

Waterfalls (13+)

This is our class for ages 13+. The focus, of course is on fun, fitness and friendships, but we start to hone in on proper control, heightened coordination and an excellent awareness of technique. We like to look at lots of styles of dance in this class, and often treat this as an extension to a GCSE style dance course.

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